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HAIMER 3D sensors are high precision and functional measuring equipment for milling and plunge erosion machines. Our sensors are mounted in the tool holders, placed in the milling spindle and allow the spindle axis to be precisely aligned to the edges of the workpiece. With this feature, the workpiece zero can be precisely adjusted and the height differences can be measured quickly and easily. You can adjust in any direction (X, Y, Z axis). When the sensor pointer points to zero, the spindle axis is precisely located on the edge of the workpiece.

Only the HAIMER 3D Sensor allows you to find the edge of the workpiece in one operation. There is no need to calculate the diameter of the sphere at the sensor end - just see zero! It allows you to avoid operator errors by minimizing mathematical or computational problems.

With the HAIMER Centro measuring equipment you can reset the centers of holes and shafts exactly.