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Professional option

Peli’s advanced lighting solutions are preferred by professionals working in harsh conditions all over the world. Peli’s comprehensive range of advanced lighting tools includes a lighting solution for almost any application.
ATEX Certified

Peli's comprehensive Zone 0 and Zone 1 flashlights comply with the highest standards of the ATEX Directive and meet IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) requirements. Designed for use in hazardous areas. Professionals working in the pharmaceutical industry, fire and rescue, hazardous materials and other high-risk industries may feel safe because Peli has the safety approvals required for a wide variety of risk situations.
Advanced LED Technology

Operating flashlights with advanced LEDs provide powerful and highly effective lighting for a long time. Designed to withstand the hard impacts, according to the nature of the work. Select models feature a unique non-slip grip handle. Patterns with 7060 LEDs use patented dual switch technology. As a product of the collaboration between Peli and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD ™), torches are used as standard in many police organizations.
Keep your hands free

When you have to use both hands in the workshop or in the base camp, Peli ™ headlights will show you the right way. Extremely bright Incandescent or LED models include a rubber band for helmet / helmet use, as well as an adjustable fabric band for head wear.

The most efficient rechargeable lighting system on the market

Rechargeable Battery Lighting for the most demanding tasks
• Portable Lighting category redefined
• Best in class performance and durability
• Designed for Heavy Duty
• Safe, Noiseless, Smokeless
• Spot Lighting, Projector Lighting, NVG Lighting
• New Intelligent Control Switch Technology optimizes power output and burnout time (9460, 946RS, 9470 & 9470RS)
• ATEX Certified Safety models for hazardous areas