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High-level equipment protection
For nearly 40 years, Peli Products has built a reputation for being the proud manufacturer of the world's most durable Protector Case ™. In fact, we invented this category. We've seen our bags have been used for quite some crazy and even important events for years.
Peli ™ bags

He was thrown off helicopters in Iraq, floated in Norway's icy fjords, and hauled by SUVs in Tanzania. Except for a few scratches on the outside of the bag, the contents of the bag were not damaged. All of these are small details, with a great right to boast. It's all about moving your materials from point A to point B, solidly and functionally, that is, exactly as it should be. Because you may be carrying a priceless device, such as a large format camera, where you can take a cover photo of the next issue of your magazine, or a defibrillator that can save a person's life.
Lightweight and durable Peli ™ Storm Case ™ series

It is the result of years of excellence in both laboratory and field studies and tests. From proprietary HPX ™ plastic resin, proven to be robust in low temperature and impact testing, to patented Push-Pull latches that open easily, every feature of these lightweight bags is designed to protect your essential equipment.
Peli ™ Storm Case ™ series

It is designed to meet and even exceed military testing requirements. Most of them are suitable for air transportation and all of them can be transported internationally.
Peli Air bags

It is made of high-quality lightweight HPX2 resin, a new generation of Peli's proprietary formula that breaks down the pulses without breaking. Designed with busy travelers in mind, the 1535 Peli Air bag (Wheeled Handbag) and 1615 Peli Air bag (Wheeled Cab Bag) conform to current airline size regulations *. * Contact your airline for exact measurement requirements.